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State government committed for economic prosperity, CM Poudel says

Published on : 19 February, 2020 11:41 am

Bagmati state chief minister Dormani Poudel has said the state government was committed to guaranteeing peace and security and implementing plans for state’s economic prosperity.

In his address to a programme organised by the Bagmati state government, he said, “The government has launched people-targeted welfare programmes including projects of national pride by bearing its responsibility towards the people.” He was of the view of unlearning the habit of criticizing the government one-sidedly and cultivating the culture of having constructive thinking.

As he said, time demanded all political leadership to rise above partisan interests and work collectively for the effective enforcement of constitution, strengthening of democracy and promotion of nationality. According to the chief minister, promotion of good governance, peace and security and protection of people’s fundamental rights were the top priorities of the government. On the occasion, Bagmati state speaker Sanu Kumar Shrestha was hopeful that the state government would pay attention to good governance, sustainable development goals and infrastructure development issues.

As shared by the state speaker, the state assembly has so far endorsed 48 bills and has expedited works on their execution. A rally was organised on the occasion of Democracy Day today. The rally that was originated from Buddha Chowk, Hetauda passed through the Hetauda Bazaar before converting into a programme upon reaching the premises of state government office.

Chief Minister Poudel, Shrestha, ministers, SA members, government office chiefs and senior security officials took part in the rally.

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