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Bajura’s fever epidemic caused by Influenza ‘A’ virus

Published on : 14 February, 2020 9:17 am

The fever outbreak seen at a widespread range in Bajura’s Himali and Swamikattik Khapar rural municipality is confirmed to be Influenza ‘A’. The sample from four infected cases tested positive for Influenza ‘A’.

The test was conducted at National Public Health Laboratory, Teku, Bajura’s Health Office’s senior public health officer Dayakrishna Pant said. The infected have fever and flu-like symptoms. The infection was predominately spread at Boldik of Himali rural municipality and Jorup of Swamikattik rural municipality till a week, leaving around 1,200 ill and 1,170 were treated in a week while the virus killed two.

One case of Influenza ‘B’ was also found among them, said senior public health officer Panta. The virus suddenly attacks human body. The virus took an epidemic turn globally in 2009.

The medical team visited the affected settlements to treat the infected and it has now come under a complete control, Himali rural municipality’s health coordinator Raj Bhandari said. The lab test report would be helpful in the future for timely treatment if the virus makes a comeback, it is said.

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