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Health workers themselves unknown about coronavirus

Published on : 13 February, 2020 7:41 am

Coronavirus health desk has been set up at Jamunaha transit on the Nepal-India border in Banke district. The health desk is established for screening people entering Nepal through the transit of coronavirus infection. A health worker is assigned at the health desk for examining the health of people every day.

The health desk is operated in a rented shutter. However, the corona health desk looks deserted each day and the health workers there are without work. The health desk is also responsible for conducting medical tests for coronavirus infection as well. But the health workers themselves are unknown about the virus. Chief health assistant at the desk Devi Chandra Thapa said they were not well-informed about coronavirus as the disease is new. “I myself don’t know much about coronavirus. As it is a new disease, many health workers do not know how it is transmitted and its symptoms,” he expressed his ignorance.

He added that he also doesn’t know the method of detecting the virus and the required tools as well. Thapa called for orientation to the health workers about this new disease. According to him, merely directing the health workers to conduct the tests for coronavirus is not enough. The health workers should be imparted training to make the service of the health desk effective. The health workers assigned at the health desk also lack effective equipment for testing for coronavirus. Chief of the health desk, Thapa, said that they have been testing for coronavirus with the help of infrared thermometer.

It has been a week since the health desk is established but so far it has examined only 20 people. It is said the tests have not been intensified as coronavirus is not seen in India. Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh State Government of India has mobilised health workers under the supervision of medical officer Dr Mukim Ahamad in its territory at the Jamunaha transit point for screening people of coronavirus. Ward assistant at CHC Charda, Dharma Raj Verma, said they have mobilised a team of health workers at the transit point targeting the Chinese nationals. —

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