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Constitution not all-inclusive-Upendra Yadav

Published on : 11 February, 2020 7:57 am

Samajbadi Party chair Upendra Yadav said the constitution has not reflected the feeling of Nepali people. He said this in his address to a workshop ‘Essence of amendment to constitution in current context’ organized by Nepal Federation of Intellectual Professionals at Janakpurdham on Monday.

The former deputy prime minister noted that the constitution was promulgated to institutionalize federal democratic republic in the country. Though the statute has spectacular provisions on fundamental rights, inclusion, equality and civic freedom, its implementation aspect is complicated, Yadav added. The constitution has not bestowed prime minister with special right to dissolve parliament in parliamentary system, he said, arguing that the constitution therefore has no parliamentary characteristics and supremacy.

Also speaking on the occasion, Rastriya Janata Party’s senior vice-chair Brikhesh Chandra Lal stressed the need to amend the constitution for equality, inclusion in state operation and equal opportunity. He also spoke the need for Rastriya Janata Party and Samajbadi Party to work together to chart concrete strategy for constitution amendment. Samajbadi Party’s co-chair Rajendra Shrestha insisted the need of power for change and called upon cadres to strengthen party organization for power consolidation. Samajbadi Party’s vice-chair Renu Yadav also argued for amendment to the constitution in terms of naturalized citizenship, inclusive representation in each sector and devolution of federal power to state and local levels.

Samajbadi Party’s State-2 chair and Minister for Financial Affairs and Planning Bijaya Yadav said the federalism through constitution was just a show piece. Federation vice-cahir Jeetendra Yadav said there is still a feeling of ignorance to Madhes and stressed the need of unity for steering aheadf the country to prosperity.

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