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Spotted deer found in ambulance

Published on : 10 February, 2020 7:03 am

An ambulance provided by the Sudur Paschim state government has been found used in smuggling wildlife. This ambulance was provided to the Dilasaini rural municipality by the state government’s ministry of social development.

The ambulance with registration number plate Su Pa Pra 01 001 Jha 346 was found carrying a dead spotted deer in course of police checking on Sunday, Police Inspector Khagendra Saud said. The ambulance was going towards Dilasaini from Kanchanpuer when police intercepted it. According to Saud, Ilaka Police Office Gokuleshwar found a dead chital (spotted deer) inside the ambulance in course of checking.

It is not known where the animal was brought from. Police have impounded the driver of the ambulance, Mahesh Bohara and the ambulance for action. The dead spotted deer has been handed over to the District Forest Office.

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