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NA Chair Timilsina urges entrepreneurs for spurring investment

Published on : 24 January, 2020 7:53 am

National Assembly chairperson Ganesh Prasad Timilsina has urged the investors to flow their investment in a confident manner given the improved investment climate in the country.

Inaugurating the sixth Parbat festival organized under the aegis of Parbat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday, he asked the entrepreneurs to spur their investment in business ventures for the sake of country’s prosperity. “It is not the State which makes all investment. The entrepreneurs should also come up with the plans for investment”, asserted chairperson of the upper House of the federal parliament.

“The state would facilitate the process if the entrepreneurs want to draw money from banks on collateral for investment purpose”, he assured. Festival main organizing committee coordinator and Parbat chamber of commerce and industry chair Kedarnath Sharma expressed his confidence that the event would help identify the local products and bring them to market. He shared the festival has set a target to raise Rs 15 million. There are 200 stalls in the festival.

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