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241 chhaugoths demolished in Dailekh

Published on : 23 January, 2020 11:03 am

A total of 241 chhaugoths were demolished in different parts of Dailekh district. The government has launched chhaugoth demolition campaign in far western region in the country.

Altogether 112 chhaugoths were demolished in Athbis municipality, said police inspector Nain Bahadur Saud. Similarly, 58 chhaugoths were demolished in Bhaiaravi rural municipality, 13 in Dullu municipality, three in Gurans rural municipality, 20 in Chamunda Bindrasaini municipality and some in other places. The federal government and local governments have launched the campaign to demolish such temporary huts made for menstruating women. The campaign of pulling down chhaugoths in Dailekh has begun in Dailekh after organizing interaction and discussions programme on the elimination of this harmful practice in all the 11 local levels of the district.

Local people’s representatives have also actively participated in this campaign. However, the chhaugoths have not yet been demolished in Thantikandh rural municipality in the west and in Bhagawati rural municipality, Mahabu rural municipality and Naumule rural municipality in the east. Two menstruating women who were staying in chhaugoth were killed after being bitten by snake in Chamunda Bindrasaini municipality of the district last year.

Various governmental and non-governmental organizations had demolished the chhaugoth and the district was also declared as ‘chhaugoth-free district’ before the launching of the latest campaign against chhaupadi practice. However, some women had been still using chhaugoth during their monthly periods due to family and social pressure and lack of awareness among the locals.

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