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Warm clothes distribution elates people

Published on : 21 January, 2020 8:30 am

Docti Chamber of Commerce Chair Khagendra Bahadur Saud has distributed warm clothes to elderly, single women, helpless and people with disability with the decline in temperature.

At a programme held at the ward office of Dipayal Silgadhi municipality-3 on Monday, he distributed warm clothes to senior citizen, single women, helpless and disable people of ward 1, 2, 3 and 4. “I took this campaign ahead as per the plan to provide warm clothes to the needy people in all wards of the municipality”, Saud added. Likewise, he has also instituted a revolving fund of Rs 100,000 in all community schools of the municipality. “I have instituted the fund to provide support to the students of economically weaker family in their education”.

Earlier too, he had distributed white boards to different schools of the district and school bags to students Gauri Kathayat, 60, of Dipayal Silgadhi municipality-4 said they were very happy to receive warm clothes as relief. Saud is the State Assembly member of Sudurpaschim State from ruling Nepal Communist Party.

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