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108 Chhaugoth demolished

Published on : 21 January, 2020 11:21 am

A total of 108 Chhaugoths in three rural municipalities in Doti district have been demolished with support of police and locals. Chhaugoth– a poorly ventilated hut managed for menstruating women–are made to stay for at least the first five to seven days.

Those demolished chhaugoth are from Badikedar, Jorayal and Purbichauki rural municipalities. Chief at the District Police Office, Doti, Superintendent of Police Dilip Singh Deuba, said that the largest number of chhaugoth were demolished at Sidurepani of ward no 3, Bipinagar, Barchhain, Alyadi, Latali, Risedi and Bithara villages of ward no 1 and 2 of Badikedar rural municipality, which is 91.

Activities are underway to demolish other Chhaugoth at nine local levels of the district with the lead role of police at the presence of people’s representatives. A total of 113 Chhaugoth were found in these three rural municipalities in course of monitoring. DSP Deuba said that the campaign launched to demolish Chhaugoth was underway. Chief District Officer Tek Narayan Poudel said that the campaign has been accelerated to declare Doti as a Chhaugoth-free district by mid-March.

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