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Dr Tumbahangfe resigns as Deputy Speaker

Published on : 20 January, 2020 10:50 am

Deputy Speaker Dr Shiva Maya Tumbahangfe has announced her resignation from her post. Addressing the meeting of the House of Representatives today, she said she has paved the way for the House to carry on its business with the conclusion that a people’s elected body should not be kept in confusion for long. “I decided to tender resignation from my post coming to the conclusion that the situation of complication that has arisen as the sovereign people’s elected institution as remained without a Speaker for long due to an unexpected and unusual circumstance,” she explained the reason for her resignation from the post.

Noting that she had been drawing the attention of the sides concerned from time to time before this that the situation of the House of Representatives remaining without the Speaker should not go for a long time, the Deputy Speaker clarified that she wanted to clear the way for the election of the Speaker after a solid basis for the same has been created. According to her, her decision was based on the principle that it would not be appropriate to keep the House without a leader by resigning from the Deputy Speaker post in a state of confusion. “Now a concrete basis for election of the Speaker has been created, and so I tender my resignation from the post of Deputy Speaker,” she added. Inclusive democracy is an important feature of our constitutional system and this spirit of the constitution, I feel, can be implemented only through our practices and conduct, not through letters and words in the constitution, she reiterated. Stating that democracy would be consolidated in the real sense of the word only if all the organs of the society were reflected in the high posts of the state, she said she was hopeful that the political party and the leadership rung who guided the constitution formulation agreed to this reality.

“I am firm that my opinions were not inspired by any unnatural ambition or unethical urging,” Deputy Speaker Tumbahangfe said and made it clear that ‘every decision that we make in democracy and open society are under the constant watch of the people. She asserted that the test of relevance of these things will also be tested in the test of time. As she said, she strongly believed that there should be a harmony in between the decision and public accountability and all bodies concerned should pay attention towards that end. “Though the responsibility is achieved through the party’s recommendation or the election, any candidate assuming the constitutional post is free from the relation with the party. While remaining in the post, such individual is not guided by the party direction, but remains active being guided by the constitutional provisions and law. I have also tried my best to carry out the given responsibilities honestly on the same basis,” she said. She went on to say that she was however aware that none should forget the root and ground; and freedom was never absolute. As she said, the moments in the past two years she spend with the parliament members as the capacity of the Deputy-Speaker would be in her memory as unforgettable and happy moments of her life.

“I, as a woman from the ethnic group and a single, on the top of that, take the opportunity that I got to lead this supreme and prestigious body meant for practicing the people’s sovereign rights as important moments of my life.” Its credit goes to our democratic system and the party. The next of the Lower House shall meet at 16:00 pm today, she added.

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