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28 chhaugoths demolished in a single ward

Published on : 14 January, 2020 9:21 am

Kathmandu – Twenty-eight chhaugoths have been demolished at one ward alone of Badikedar rural municipality under the campaign to demolish chhaugoths.

Chhaugoth is a separate, poorly ventilated, hut where menstruating women are made to stay for at least first five to seven days. Superintendent of Police at the District Police Office, Doti, Dilip Singh Deuba, said that such number of chhaugoths were demolished at ward no 3 of the rural municipality. The chhaugoths were demolished with the support of police and locals. A campaign has been launched to destroy chhaugoths in presence of police and people’s representatives.

Police have been carrying out monitoring about chhaugoths. The civil code has the provision of three months imprisonment and Rs 3,000 fine against those keeping women in chhaugoth during menstruation as well as those forcing women to stay in chhaugoth. A practice of keeping woman in chhaugoth during their menstruation is still taking place in Sudur Paschim state. A police team has been mobilized to destroy chhaugoths after Home Ministry on December 25 sent directives to the Chief District Officers to end chhaupadi practice.

Chief District Officer of Doti, Tek Narayan Poudel, said that police personnel have been deployed at coordination of local bodies to make the campaign a success. Poudel said the campaign has been accelerated to declare Doti chhaugoth-free district within mid-March.

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