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Popcorn led to an open-heart surgery, here is how….

Published on : 10 January, 2020 8:25 am

Popcorn is regarded as one of the most easy and healthy food worldwide. But one needs to be careful while eating it. An incident of UK has proven popcorn as life-threatening food.

Adam Martin, a British citizen had to go through and open-heart surgery because of popcorn. Do you want to know how? Here, you go.

A small part of popcorn got stuck in Adam’s teeth which he tried to take out by using pen, nail and wire. This caused a severe infection in his teeth and it slowly grew over other parts of the body. The infection was characterized by heavy sweating during night, headaches and body cramps. As the symptoms grew stronger, Adam was hospitalized and doctor had to perform an open-heart surgery on him.

Adam, after the successful surgery confessed that he had already lost hope of living and that he would never have popcorn again.

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