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Weather forecast: Rainfall throughout country, snowfall in high-hilly and mountainous areas

Published on : 9 January, 2020 8:20 am

Light rainfall has been forecast across the country including in Kathmandu Valley as well as moderate to heavy snowfall in high-hilly and mountainous areas today due to influence of westerly low pressure system, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Meteorologist Manju Basi said that light rainfall is taking place throughout the country and snowfall in high-hilly and mountainous areas due to the influence of westerly wind that entered the country on Monday evening. Basi said, “The effect of westerly wind will remain till Friday.”

The Division has alerted the people to take precaution against cold as there is possibility of light to moderate rainfall at some places of the nation and moderate to heavy snowfall at most of the places of high-hilly and mountainous areas tonight. According to the Division, eastern hilly areas of the country would remain partial cloudy while weather would be clear in other remaining places on Friday.

Similarly, eastern and mid-hilly areas of the country would witness partial cloudy and other places would see clear weather on Saturday. As per the latest weather details provided by the Division, today’s minimum temperature in Kathmandu Valley is 6.0 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature 11.9 degrees Celsius.

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