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Rain brings happiness, as well as sorrow

Published on : 8 January, 2020 11:16 am

The recent rainfall leading to a dip in the mercury has brought both happiness and sadness here. The light drizzle last Friday and Saturday made the farmers very happy. The rain is expected to help harness their winter crops. However, the increase in cold brought about by the rain has been a matter of concern for other locals, especially the child and the elderly.

Furthermore, people with respiratory problems are more affected. Not to mention the new born and the lactating mothers. Roads in the rural parts of the district have become muddy and made transportation difficult. “The rain has brought cold but for wheat crop it is like a boon,” said Satya Narayan Yadav, a farmer of Ramnagar in Bhangaha municipality-4.

Rainwater is more nutritious than canal-fed water to the wheat crop. Furthermore, the rain water has also helped mango, litchi and jackfruit trees grow new leaves and flowers. Winter crops like potato and tomato also benefit from it. “A balanced winter rain yields more fruits that year,” said Suraj Singh Kushwaha, a farmer of Pashupatinagar in Bardibas municipality-9.

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