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Mustang received less tourists in 2019 compared to previous year

Published on : 3 January, 2020 7:42 am

The number of tourists visiting Mustang district in 2019 has decreased compared to the previous year.

Over 57,000 foreigners have visited Mustang district in 2019.
According to chief of Jomsom Office of Annapurna Conservation Area Project -ACAP_ Tulasi Dahal, the number of foreigners arriving in Mustang in 2018 was 59,838.

Visitors from SAARC countries has comparatively increased because of the presence of religious site, Muktinath Temple but number of western foreigners has decreased.

Local people blame changing of the trekking route into motorable roads as the main reason for the decrease in tourists arrival.

The decreasing number of tourists in one of the most expected tourist destination of Nepal isn’t regarded as a good sign specially, when we are celebrating ‘Visit Nepal 2020’.

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