Tuesday 18th June 2024

A village with no poverty!

Published on : 3 January, 2020 8:52 am

Small houses, low infrastructure, minimum facilities, poverty this is what we imagine about a village.  We assume that people living in village are mostly uneducated and under privileged. They practice farming or low-income-based work. But we are wrong.

There is a village that has changed the ordinary concept of a person regarding village and it’s lifestyle. It is prosperous and self-sufficient.

Today, we are going to inform you about such a village where each member’s earning is about one lakh euro dollars which is worth rupees one crore in Nepal.  

Yes, there is a village in China which has about  two thousands of farmers with more than one crore annual income.

The farming scenario of this village was really worse at the time of it’s establishment but a communist leader changed the farming pattern into communal system and brought a huge reformation in the economic condition of the villagers.

Today even the people from city areas envy their lifestyle. Poverty is seen nowhere here.

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