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Pack your bags for a Long Vacation to Nepal, here are few places you must visit….

Published on : 2 January, 2020 8:24 am

With the beginning of new year, Nepal is all ready to welcome tourists from all over the world through it’s national campaign ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ this year. The government has set the target of welcoming 20 lakhs tourists. On Poush 16th,  Dasharath Stadium was delighted with numerous cultural performances of various castes and ethnic communities, fireworks and many more celebration during the formal inauguration event of the campaign.

While Nepal is publicizing about the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ year in massive scale, people from other nations may be wondering ‘What’s the hype about ?’. Well, here are few breathtaking pictures of Nepal that has gathered from different official websites and social sites of the government and other organizations that will answer your question!

Few attractions of Nepal  :

World’s highest mountain, Mt.Everest

Among 14 world’s highest mountains, 8 are located in  Nepal

44% of the land is occupied by forest and 20% is occupied by National Wildlife Reserve

Common home of 60 ethnic communities and 92-language speaking people

More than 3 thousand temples and 12 hundred stupas

10 heritages that have been enlisted in UNICEF’s list of world’s heritage sites

8 hundred and 48 types of bird among which 3 hundred and 19 are exotic

Rare herbs with great medicinal value : Yarsa Gumba, Chiraito, Sungava, Panch Aule

Terrace farming, landscapes with tea- farming

Lakes, streams, rivers

Handicrafts, pottery that portrays culture

Homestays with typical food and lifestyle

Kumari, the living Goddess

One of the greatest religious hub of Hindu, Pashupatinath temple

Forbidden Kingdom, Mustang

And many more

Here are some mesmerizing pictures of Nepal that will make you pack your bags and set-off for a really long vacation to the heaven of earth :

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