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Woman died in Humla because of Seasonal flu

Published on : 1 January, 2020 5:55 am

Humla – A woman died because of the seasonal flu at Rayagaun in Kharpunath Rural Municipality, Humla. Chunda Buda, 36, died due to flu on Monday night, local resident Purna Bahadur Rokaya said.

A large number of villagers have also became ill from the flu. Assistant Health Worker Bir Singh Rawal of Raya Health Post shared that as high as 20 patients visit the health post every day for the treatment of the seasonal flu.

However, Rawal himself was taken ill and is not able to join the office for the past one week. According to him, the medical store in the health post is also running out of the stock.

With the winter at its peak in the mountainous district, the number of patients in all seven local levels in Humla has gone up lately. Most of the patients have suffered from the flu and even the district hospital is full of flu patients, it is said.

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