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NA election: Office set up in Dang

Published on : 1 January, 2020 5:42 am

Dang – The Office of the Returning Officer has been established in Dang for the National Assembly election in the State No. 5. The office was established at Ghorahi of Dang district on Tuesday targeting the National Assembly election to be held on January 23.

The Office was set up in Dang Deukhuri District Court, Judge at the District Court and Returning Officer Ritendra Thapa said. Thapa was named as the Returning Officer as per the Clause 6 of the National Assembly Election Act, 2075, officials said.

Of the total 18 vacant posts for the National Assembly, three members including a woman and one from Dalit community would be elected from the State-5, the Election Commission (EC) said.

A total of 305 voters including 87 province assembly members and 218 chiefs and deputies of the local levels of the State will cast vote to elect three National Assembly members from State-5.

As per the law, weightage of a provincial assembly lawmaker would be 48 and 16 for that of a chief and deputy of a local level for the election of the National Assembly member. The Office said that the voters’ namelist would be published and complaints about the list would be received till 4:00 pm on January 2. Likewise, the final lists would be released on January 4 after the investigations into the complaints on voters received on January 3.
Similarly, candidates’ nomination would be registered on 5 January and the final list of the candidates would be published on 10 January, according to the Office of the Returning Officer.

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