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7 things parents should teach their first child to make them easy with their siblings

Published on : 25 December, 2019 8:09 am

First child are certainly very dear to every parents so, they are brought up with immense love and care. With the pampering and special treatment, they feel like the most important part of the family. But, when they have to share the love and care of their part with their siblings, they develop negative feelings towards them.  In some cases, the elder child may feel that they are being loved less by their parents and their brother/sister is responsible for this which inadvertently make them hate their siblings.  Therefore, if any parents are preparing for second child, it’s very important to teach their first about the following things :

 Love grows when it’s shared

The first child should be taught to share their toys, food or any materials with their younger ones. They must learn the value of sharing.

Teaching to be kind and patient

The little ones may cry a lot. Their babbles and noises may disturb the elder ones. They may feel irritated at times. Therefore, they must be taught to be patient. They should know that they grew up in the same way.

There is always space for new members in the family

After the second child is born, it is natural that the first child feels insecure and less prioritized. It’s also because they are unaware about the possibility of new members in the family. So, the parents should explain them that there is always space for new member in the family and they should be welcomed whole-heartedly.

One can love others without diminishing their love for someone

The first child should be made clear about the fact that loving someone doesn’t mean loving someone else less. The little one gets more attention because they need it not because they are loved more.

Teaching them to be self-reliant

The elder child should be taught to do their personal works on their own. If they are taught to do the little things that are related to them, they feel intelligent, responsible to their parents and happy.

Teaching them to be more expressive

In some cases, parents are unable to keep track of how their child’s routine is going. While engaging themselves in the upbringing of the younger child, they often forget to ask their elder child about their life and experiences.  Therefore, they should be taught to keep their problems or their emotions clear. So that even when a parent does not ask for it, they can explain it in their own.

Teaching them to play

Playing is one of the most important aspects of a child’s routine. After the birth of siblings, the first child would have to share toys and other stuffs. So from the beginning they should be taught to play in groups, following the rules of the game.

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