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Increment of Vacant ‘Ghost’ Houses : A Threat to Japan

Published on : 19 November, 2019 9:40 am

Population declination has become the major issue all over the world and Japan is facing it’s consequences to the extreme. Japan’s population experienced sudden downfall in 21st century after it’s unexpected boom during 20th century. Looking back at the history of census in Japan, 2018 A.D is proven as the year with lowest number of child birth rate in Japan. Death rate has exceeded birth rate here. 20% of total population are senior citizens here leading to the less number of workforce.

Population declination has also fuelled the increment of vacant homes in Japan. It’s not a matter of surprise that decrement in the number of people ultimately leads to the less demand of houses due to which new houses aren’t being constructed much in Japan and on the other hand, the existing ones are abandoned after the death of house owner. Such houses are named as ‘Akiya’. Houses remain isolated here with lack of caretakers, new tenants or heirs . Neither the heirs want to accept the house because of the second-home tax system of Japan nor there are enough population to occupy them.

In 2018 A.D only, 13.6 percent  of the total private property were registered as Akiya in Japan. Most of the Akiyas are located in the outskirts of cities and towns. As young generation migrate to cities and towns in the course of study or career, the houses in rural areas are abandoned. This is a crucial problem of not only Japan but most of the country that concentration of population in one part of the country has aroused unbalanced population distribution.

Source : BBC

Even the estate agents don’t show interest in buying those houses because the demand of such place is already low and that they can’t receive proper fees from people.

Although the registration of Akiya is increasing everyday but the renovation or destruction of them couldn’t be carried out. They are in a miserable state and may become a big challenge at the time of natural calamities. As Japan is the country with risk of natural calamities , Akiyas  are assumed to fall on the other houses or people causing a huge destruction.

Most of the Japanese think that increment of population can solve this problem. Not just for this but the country actually needs to think about it’s workforce in upcoming days.

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