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Can’t sleep at night? Here are some ways to be followed

Published on : 19 November, 2019 8:17 am

A person should sleep for 6-8 hours a day, says study. Sleep is mandatory for healthy body and mind. But there are some people who struggle to sleep at night. No matter how tired they are and how hard they try but they remain awake even for the whole night sometimes. This condition of not being able to sleep at night is called Insomnia. Not being able to sleep, waking up in the middle of the sleep and not sleeping again, waking up too soon in the morning are the symptoms of insomnia. Insomniacs don’t just feel inactive and weak but also may be prone to other diseases due to insufficient sleep.

The lack of sleep increases the risk of some health related problems and diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Insufficient sleep boosts the production of cortisol hormone which is responsible for increasing sugar level in the blood ultimately leading to the diabetes. Likewise, lack of sleep may also cause some heart related problems.    

But have you ever thought that this may also be due to your bad sleeping habits? What if you can get a sound sleep by changing some of your habits or starting to practice some new healthy sleeping habits? Here are some ways suggested by the medical practitioners:

  • Indulge yourself more in physical activities like household works, outdoor games, exercises and so on.
  • Fix a daily sleep-routine and practice a simple exercise before the bed time.
  • Wake up early and go for a daily morning walk.
  • Sleep on a comfortable bed.
  • Pillow shouldn’t be too high. If possible don’t use pillow. Sleeping without pillow may let you rest in natural position. Using high pillow may affect your back and blood flow towards the head.
  • Rest your legs higher than your head.
  • Read a book or listen soothing music before bedtime.
  • Empty your mind from unnecessary thoughts and repeat the ‘breath in and out’ process for several times.
  • Stay away from gadgets and electronic devices like mobile, laptop, computer, etc before you sleep.
  • Don’t drink too much water before sleep.
  • Don’t intake tea, coffee and any alcoholic products at night.
  • More physical activities and less mental stress is the basic way of restoring sleep in your life.

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